Turntable Performance System I

[ Interactive Performance Environment, Artistic and conceptual collaboration with Luc van Weelden, November 2008 ]

Turntable Performance System (TPS) is an interactive improvisational environment in which image, sound, light, robotics, musicians and audience are put together in a multidisciplinary performance. The project was founded at the Arts Academy in Hilversum (HKU) where we've studied Music Technology. After our graduation we continued the project with a subsidy granted by Performing Arts Fund NL.

Our ideas evolved in a performing system that consists of LEGO robots able of translating a stylus over a piece of vinyl-record. It's an interactive system that consists of sound and music input by two performers, to which the robots would react in a sort-of musical way. A new phase in the project was initiated as of June 2010 under the name of TPS II.

Dick Rijken, Martijn Schreuder, Luc & Fedde

Video Items:
Item 0: produced by Tycho van Zijderveld
Item 1: produced by Tycho van Zijderveld
Item 2: produced by STEIM